You can now eat naked in Japan at Tokyo’s restaurant The Amita… is hoping the experience will allow to enjoy in ‘natural style’

FIRST there was raw, now there’s such a thing as a naked restaurant.

Dressing is optional in Tokyo’s The Amita, but we’re not talking about for your salad.The Japanese restaurant is the latest to jump on the new food fad taking the culinary world by storm: naked dining.Opening on July 29, customers will be able to forgo their clothes for some al-fresco fine dining as part of an Adam and Eve-themed banquet.Amrita, which is sanskrit for ‘immortality’, is hoping the experience will allow patrons to enjoy a meal in a ‘natural style’, serving up an organic menu, fit for the Gods.

It won’t be fully nude either, with customers offered either a Roman-style toga or paper underwear while eating.But with prices starting from £102 and going up to as much as £200, the experience is certainly not cheap.There is also a long list of rules for customers – and if you don’t meet the tough criteria, you’re not coming in.Anyone under the age of twenty or over sixty will be turned away and customers that are carrying a little extra around the tummy won’t be able to join in on the festivities either.

In a list of rules on their website, Amrita disclaim that customers weighting 15kg more than the average for their height will be barred from entering.A spokeswoman for Amrita, Miki Komatsu explained the reason why to “If fat people are allowed in it could be miserable for some guests. Guests can see the guidelines clearly on our homepage. We are aiming for a sort of Roman aesthetic, like the beautiful paintings you see in museums.”

The restaurant will make exemptions however if you are blessed aesthetically with the restaurant claiming the decision is at their own discretion.Keen nudists should note that you can only shed your clothes once inside.

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